Tired of manually going through hundreds of resumes each time you post a job on social media or job boards? Well, you’re not alone. Recruiters across the globe face this problem. However, there is a solution: a resume parser or a resume parsing software!

But what is resume parsing, and how can it help? Read along to find out.

This blog talks about everything from what resume parsing is, how it works and how it can help recruiters. In addition, you’ll find a curated list of the 50 most reliable resume parser APIs and resume parsing software. This way, you can compare different tools and choose the best based on your needs.

What is Resume Parsing?

Resume parsing is a process of extracting a candidate’s crucial information (name, email, experience, technical proficiency, etc.) from resumes using a resume parsing software or API. This extracted information is then displayed in a structured and more readable format which helps recruiters choose the right candidate for the job.

How does Resume Parsing Work?

Basically, the resumes are uploaded or automatically picked from job boards or emails by the resume parsing software. The tool then processes one or multiple resumes, extracting all the information you specified and presenting it in a readable format.

Usually, resume parser API or software can be linked to your existing ATS, which puts all the information you need in one place.

Why do you Need Resume Parsing Software?

Here’s why:

Saves Time

If you have 5-10 resumes, you can quickly cycle through them and choose the one you see fit. But what if you have hundreds or thousands of resumes? Well, that’s when resume parsing software comes in.

Using resume parsing software, you can bulk upload hundreds or even thousands of resumes and get all the information in a structured form. And some tools, such as HireLakeAI, match the most suitable resume with the job description, making hiring easy and time-saving.

Better Candidate Experience

Manually dealing with hundreds of resumes takes time. And this is equally inconvenient for the recruiters and candidates. 

Because recruiters have to deal with hundreds of resumes manually, candidates have to wait for quite a long time. And some candidates end up getting no response at all.

However, resume parsing software allows you to process hundreds of resumes almost instantly. This helps candidates get prompt responses all the time, improving the overall candidate experience.

Better Fit Hiring

It can be an overwhelming experience for recruiters when they must go through several hundred resumes for a job role. And because of this, deserving and best-fit candidates are often ignored.

However, with automated resume parsing, you can make sure every resume or candidate is considered. This way, you won’t miss any worthy candidate, and the likeliness of hiring a talented or better-fitting employee increases significantly.

Best Resume Parsing Software and APIs

1. Sovren

Sovren is a resume parsing software that’s not only fast but highly accurate. Compared to its competitors, it’s 10X more accurate and 5-25x faster. You can upload the resume in any format, and you’ll get structured candidate summaries on the other side pretty fast.  

Sovren comes with an API and complete SDK that you can integrate into your application or your website and enjoy its accurate and fast resume parsing.

Pricing: There’s a free trial you can enjoy, but the paid plans start from $99/month (for 500 documents).  And the price increases as the documents you parse increase.

2. HireLakeAI

HireLakeAI is an AI-based one-stop solution for all your hiring needs, from screening candidates and evaluating them to finding the best candidates. Using HireLakeAI’s resume parser, you can extract the desired information from videos or documents and convert it into a more readable and structured format.  

HireLakeAI’s JD Matching helps you find and match the most relevant resumes for a particular job posting. This way, you can choose the right talent more efficiently.

Pricing: You can try resume parsing and the job description matching solution for free before making the right decision. So, you have nothing to lose. For custom pricing, you can connect with the team.

3. HireXpert

HireXpert is an amazing resume parsing software solution that makes hiring smarter, faster, and fairer. You can bulk upload CVs in different formats such as pdf, zip, doc, Docx, etc. And within seconds, the tool will extract the necessary information and display the job-match score streamlining the hiring process.  

Pricing: HireXpert offers free resume parsing.

4. TurboHire

TurboHire is a complete ATS or applicant tracking system that offers numerous features such as job management, email management, scheduling interviews, and, most importantly, resume parsing. With just a few clicks, you can extract email, phone number, educational background, skills, and experience.

What’s more, TurboHire allows you access to AI-enhanced information that helps you understand the candidates’ competencies.

Pricing: While there’s a free trial, the paid version starts at $45/user/per month.

5. Inda.ai

Inda.ai is a dedicated and advanced resume parsing software that uses document layout analysis (computer vision), language detection, and OCR to ensure accurate resume parsing or information extraction. This tool can extract information from resumes as well as other types of documents.

Inda.ai supports formats such as doc, pdf, Docx, txt, odt, pptx, HTML, JPG, RTF, JPEG, TIF, PNG, TIFF, etc., and is easy to integrate.

Pricing: You can schedule a demo to learn more about this tool and determine the pricing.

6. Freshteam

Freshteam, developed by Freshworks, is an HR automation software that can make resume parsing pretty easy. Once you set it up, the tool automatically sources applications from different channels, parses the resumes, and populates the data into an easily readable candidate profile. You can then score or rank the candidates and proceed further with your hiring process.

Freshteam also allows you to streamline onboarding, and off-boarding, manage employee data, and HR workflows.

Pricing: Freshteam has a 21-day free trial. And the paid version starts at a $71 platform fee/month plus $1.20/employee/month.

7. Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit is an applicant tracking system that’s cloud-based. You can create job postings across different portals, track candidate applications, extract important information from resumes directly from your official email, conduct video interviews and even manage workflows. Zoho Recruit allows you to customize the fields you want to capture according to your requirements. 

Pricing: This online resume parser offers a free trial, and the paid plans start from $30/month/per user.   

8. ALEX Resume Parser

ALEX Resume Parser from HireAbility is a reliable resume parsing software that can help you process CVs or resumes in bulk in real time. And all that through a simple web-based interface. This tool can directly source the resumes from the FTP server or emails and parses the info in different formats such as RTF, HTML, Excel, Office, etc. 

What makes ALEX Resume Parser reliable is its ability to capture the details that aren’t specifically listed in a resume. This way, you won’t lose any worthy candidates who are skilled but have complex resumes.

Pricing: ALEX Resume Parser comes with a free 30-day trial that you can use to determine whether it’s something you need in the long term.

9. hire EZ

hire EZ is one of the most accurate resume parsing software with a 90% accuracy rate. Using hire EZ, you can do candidate management, source candidates, post jobs and parse resumes. 

hireEZ allows you to connect with different job boards, post jobs, and then source resumes from there. After the resumes have been sourced, the software creates a holistic candidate profile helping you choose better.

Pricing: hireEZ comes with a free trial, but as the resume parser is a small feature of the entire tool, it’ll cost you around $169/user/month. 

10. Resume Parser by Affinda

Resume Parser by Affinda is a resume parsing API that you need to integrate into your website. The API is functional as it allows you to extract over 100 fields and organize them into an easy-to-search file format. Common fields include certifications, languages, publications, objectives, experience, etc. Also, you can get the data extracted in XML, JSON, or EXCEL format.

Pricing: You can integrate and test the API for free and parse up to 200 resumes within a month’s time. And the paid version costs you $80, which allows you to pass 2,000 resumes, test more vigorously, and lasts for three months.

11. Rchilli

Rchilli is a powerful resume parsing software or tool that can parse resumes of all formats, such as RTF, HTML, Docx, PDF, etc. You can easily integrate with your existing ATS using an API, extract more than 140 data fields, and convert unstructured data into a better format.

While Rchilli gets the job done, its accuracy is around 80% which can be a bummer if you’re looking for more accurate results.

Pricing: Rchilli offers you a free trial to try the service. However, the paid plan starts at $75, using which you can parse 500 documents in a month.

12. Tamago-DB

Tamago-DB is a complete ATS solution for accelerating and streamlining your talent acquisition process. It comes with features such as performance reporting, pipeline workflows, intuitive candidate search, and resume parsing.

Pricing: While the paid plans aren’t readily available on the website, you can definitely access the free version. And if you’re satisfied, you can reach out to the sales team to learn about other plans.

13. Skillskan

Crafted by arca24, Skillskan is an amazing tool for data extraction, content classification, data normalization, and indexing & matching. As far as parsing is concerned, you can upload the candidate’s CV using FTP protocol, and Skillskan will parse the information displaying the most suitable CVs for the role.

Pricing: Skillskan offers you a free demo, after which you can decide if you want to go for the paid version.

14. Ducknowl

Ducknowl is an assessment and talent screening platform that makes hiring a breeze. One of the best features it offers is automated resume parsing, sorting, and ranking. Once you set it up, Ducknowl pulls the CVs or resumes from job portals or your ATS, analyzes them, and ranks them, seeking the best match. This saves recruiters a lot of time and also helps them make an informed decision.

Pricing: Ducknowl resumes parsing software costs you around $3000 per year. However, you can also go for a free demo. 

15. Digital Resume Parser

Digital Resume Parser is an AI-based resume parsing software for extracting intelligent insights from candidate resumes, such as total experience, education, technical experience, etc. You can upload bulk resumes at once and get output in numerous file formats and a detailed candidate summary.

DRP is customizable, comes with easy API integration, and is pretty accurate too.

Pricing: You can request a demo from the DRP team and go for the final version afterward.

16. RecruHr

RecruHr is a pretty popular resume parsing software that helps companies screen multiple resumes directly from emails, extract important information and create a candidate profile in your database. You can also customize the fields you want to capture with a few clicks. 

With RecruHr, you can also track applications, and candidate journeys, enhance document management, and whatnot. And you can easily integrate RecruHr into your tech stack using a simple API.

Pricing: There’s a free 30-day trial you can take before purchasing the paid version that starts at €39 and $39.60.

17. Zappyhire

Zappyhire is another one of the most accurate resume parsing software that boasts an accuracy of 93%. This online resume parser sorts through hundreds of resumes and screens the resumes for insightful information that is often missed by keyword-based resume parsers. Once the resumes are fed, Zappyhire comes up with a candidate summary which you can use to make an informed decision.

Pricing: Zappyhire, as a complete package, comes with numerous features such as ATS, video interview, recruitment marketing, etc., costing you about $39/month. However, you can go for a demo before you pay anything.

18. Manatal 

Manatal is an AI-based recruitment software that makes hiring super easy. It comes with many striking features such as candidate sourcing, ATS, reports and analytics, recruitment CRM and candidate enrichment which includes resume parsing.

Manatal allows you to parse hundreds of candidates’ resumes quickly and extract all the information you need. It also chucks off the duplicate ones saving you time.

Pricing: You can try Manatal for free. However, the paid version starts at just $15/user/month.

19. Breezy HR

Breezy HR is a full-fledged recruitment software that can help you extract important information from social media profiles or resumes, schedule meetings, and conduct interviews. The resume parsing software automatically pulls out actionable insights from resumes and makes recruitment easy.

Pricing: Breezy HR is completely free as far as resume parsing is concerned. However, if you want additional features, the plans start from $143 a month.

20. DaXtra Parser 

DaXtra Parser is a reliable resume parsing software that not only extracts important information from resumes but from social media profiles (LinkedIn, Twitter, Skype) as well. And that too with supreme accuracy. The output comes in a structured form that is easily readable and actionable.

DaXtra Parser is multilingual and global, which means you can extract resumes in different languages with the same tool. Amazing, right?

Pricing: You can request a demo from DaXtra Parser to check out the accuracy and overall tool.

21. SmartRecruiters

SmartRecruiters is a talent acquisition suite that helps with high-volume recruiting and talent sourcing. And one of its most remarkable features is resume screening. Its smart assistant automatically screens resume and presents you with resume highlights making the decision-making process easy.

Pricing: The website doesn’t reveal the pricing upfront, but you can go for a free demo. And if you like it, you can further reach out to the team for pricing details.

22. Bullhorn 

Bullhorn is a software using which you can automate your entire staffing and recruitment process. You can simply integrate it into your applicant tracking software, track candidate applications, customer relations, dashboard reporting, and parse resumes directly from email clients such as Outlook or Gmail.

Pricing: Bullhorn comes with different plans, and the “Team” plan offers resume parsing, which is the ideal one you should opt for. However, for the pricing, you need to request a quote.

23. CVViZ

CVViZ resume parsing software uses AI to screen resumes and extract information. Unlike most tools, CVViZ goes beyond keyword matching. It learns from your hiring process and screens the resume contextually without missing any important information.

Moreover, you can easily integrate CVViZ into your existing applicant tracking system or recruitment software.  

Pricing: There’s a 14-day free trial for CVViZ that you can try. However, the paid version starts from around $18 per job.

24. Paycor Recruiting 

Formerly known as newton Software, Paycor Recruiting helps you with smarter and modern recruiting. While it’s a complete suite of tools, one of the tools that you’d want to use is the resume parser.  

Paycor Recruiting’s resume parser is accurate, supports RTF, PDF, and Docx, and quickly gets the job done.

Once you’re done with the parsing, this resume parsing software stores candidate data for future job openings, which is great. 

Pricing: There are several plans to choose from. However, the basic plan starts at $99 + $5/employee/month. 

25. ideal 

ideal is an AI-based resume parsing software that smartly screens thousands of resumes in real-time and with impeccable accuracy. You can connect it to your ATS, automatically getting the job done and saving your recruitment team time. It also helps you match candidates with ideal job postings, making recruitment easier.

Pricing: Direct pricing isn’t available on the website. However, you can always use the free demo and confirm the pricing with their sales team.

26. Top Echelon 

Top Echelon is a complete recruiting software that helps you source candidates, track applications, prepare reports, and parse resumes. You can easily program the details you want the resume parsing software to extract, and Top Echelon will get them for you with utmost accuracy and speed.

Pricing: Top Echelon comes with a free trial that lasts 15 days. However, the monthly paid version starts at $75/month/user and includes various features.

27. Sniper AI

Sniper AI is an AI-based recruitment software that scans or parses candidate resumes and matches them with the right job descriptions. Because this resume parsing software uses AI and ML, the speed and accuracy are both extraordinary. Also, the UI is intuitive and user-friendly, which makes it easy to use. 

Pricing: Sniper AI offers a free 7day trial. And as the software itself is vast, the paid plans start at $225 for a 12 to 12 Month contract duration.

28. Skeeled

Skeeled is another intelligent recruitment tool that helps source, screen and shortlist candidates based on a criterion defined by you. It comes with a robust CV parser that you can use to upload hundreds or thousands of CVs at a time and get actionable insights. Also, you can use its features by integrating the Skeeled API.

Pricing: No pricing is available upfront. However, you can go for a demo and get the details you need from Skeeled’s sales team.

29. Mosaictrack 

Mosaictrack is advanced AI-based software that scans through thousands of resumes and finds the best ones that meet your job description. Instead of completely relying on keyword-based parsing, Mosaictrack contextually understands resumes offering you accurate results more quickly. It also comes with chatbots that engage with candidates and is easy to integrate.

Pricing: Resume parsing is only a small feature of this tool. The entire tool costs you around $1800 a month for a host of features. It’s usually meant for enterprise-level businesses and not for small companies.

30. CVlizer

CVlizer, a part of JoinVision’s suite, is a customizable multilingual and automated CV or resume parsing software. This tool analyzes resumes using a huge criterion of semantics, captures all the important information, and presents the same in a well-structured and readable format. You can even extract information from emails and scanned documents which makes CVlizer more useful.

Pricing: For pricing, you need to book a live demo with the CVlizer team.

31. Skillate 

Skillate is a one-of-a-kind tool that does resume parsing using deep learning algorithms and extracts information even from the most complex resumes (that contain tables or images) without fail. You can upload a resume in different formats, such as DOC, ZIP, DOCX, and PDF, achieving a mind-blowing 93% accuracy.

Pricing: The pricing isn’t available upfront on the website. However, you can check out their live demo and ask the sales team about the pricing.

32. API Layer 

API Layer is a resume parsing API that you can integrate into your website with just a few clicks. It allows you to parse a CV/resume from a URL, a local file, and even bulk upload hundreds of resumes at once. While the API captures useful information pretty quickly, it can be somewhat inaccurate.

Pricing: API Layer offers pretty flexible pricing. You can use the lifetime free plan for parsing resumes (5 daily and 15 monthly.) And the paid plans start at $29.99/month.

33. SuperParser

SuperParser is a resume parsing software that makes extracting information from candidate resumes super easy. It captures over 200 fields, including name, email, experience, and contact information, and displays the same in a structured format. Also, SuperParser offers a seamless API integration that you can include in your codebase and use or white label the service.

Pricing: SuperParser offers a flexible pricing option similar to API Layer. You can integrate the API for free and get 50 credits a month. However, there’s a limit of 1 API call per second. For more credits and calls, you can upgrade the plan.

34. textkernel  

textkernel is multilingual resume parsing software that is fast and compliant with the latest data protection regulations. The tool is versatile as it supports many formats such as txt, odt, HTML, doc, Docx, PDF, etc. And as textkernel uses AI, it provides more accurate and bias-free output.

What’s more, textkernel offers data enrichment. So, the output comes with a detailed candidate summary which helps recruiters understand them better.

Pricing: To know about the pricing, you’ll need to book a demo on their website first.

35. iSmart Recruit

iSmart Recruit resume parser is capable of parsing the relevant information from resumes and social media profiles, websites, and job boards and storing the same in the respective fields in a secure database. It also ensures that there are no duplicate accounts, saving a lot of time.   

Pricing: There’s a 14-day free trial that you can choose to try out the resume parsing software. However, the paid plans start at around $9/user/month. 

36. COATS Staffing Software

COATS resume parsing software is an effective tool that saves recruiters a lot of time. With this tool, you can process hundreds of resumes at once and extract the relevant information in an easy and readable format. This makes finding the right candidate easy. Also, this tool stored the resumes and extracted information for future reference.

Pricing: You’ll need to contact the COATS Staffing Software team to find out what’s the pricing like.

37. Employa

Employa is an AI-based recruitment assistant that offers resume parsing software. This resume parsing software not only helps you parse important information but also helps you detect red flags in resumes and removes inconsistencies which increases the chances of you hiring a suitable candidate. You can seamlessly integrate Employa API into your existing ATS and start using its benefits.

Pricing: You’ll have to set up a discovery call with Employa for the pricing information.

38. Screatives

This resume parsing software from Screatives is built using natural language processing, ensuring no crucial details are missed from the candidate’s resume. Once the resumes are uploaded, the software produces a structured output, making choosing the right candidate easy.

Pricing: No pricing information is available upfront. You’ll have to reach out to the Screatives team itself.

39. Ceipal 

Ceipal resume parsing software is a complete solution for recruiters. It helps with application tracking, data analysis, chatbot recruitment, workforce management, etc. And as far as the resume parser is concerned, Ceipal allows you to bulk parse hundreds of resumes just by uploading them using Windows, Office 365, or Chrome plugins and get an automated candidate profile as output. 

Pricing: Ceipal offers a free trial if you want to get the gist of the tool. However, the paid version starts at $24/month/per user.

40. Klippa

Klippa is a document procession solution that makes dealing with high volumes or resumes easy. You can upload the image or PDF of the resume using the mobile, web app, or FTP to the Klippa API, which using Optical Character Recognition, captures the crucial information for choosing the right candidate. You can even add or remove the fields at your convenience.

Pricing: You can schedule a free demo first and then learn about the pricing from Klippa’s team.

41. Nanonets 

Nanonets is an effective resume scraper that extracts all the important information you need from a resume. Unlike regular OCR software, Nanonets applies AI to get only the information you need or have specified and display it in a structured and machine-readable format.

Pricing: A free starter plan allows you to process 100 documents. Then there’s a $499/month plan if you have bigger parsing needs.

42. hireEZ

hireEZ is an outbound recruiting software that comes with its own resume parsing API. Once integrated, your candidates can upload their resumes, and the API will automatically pick the relevant data and share the same with your recruitment software or ATS. Using that structured information, you can easily determine which candidate is the right match.

Pricing: To learn about the pricing, you need to fill out a form and talk to their sales team.

43. recruit CRM

recruit CRM is an applicant-tracking and multilingual resume parsing software that can help you parse resumes in bulk with good accuracy. You can upload a resume in bulk and parse them directly from your email using recruit CRM. Also, the software stores the CVs or resumes in the database for future reference.

Pricing: There’s a free trial that you can use to determine if the tool is the right match. And the paid version starts from around $30/user/per month.

44. HrFlow.ai 

HrFlow.ai is a multilingual, state-of-the-art resume parsing software that supports turning the documents such as candidate CVs or resumes into a structured format. This tool uses deep learning NLP algorithms that help achieve 96% accuracy. Also, HrFlow.ai supports all file formats and extensions, including PDF, DOCX, PNG, JPEG, etc.

Pricing: HrFlow.ai comes with a free plan that processes up to 1000 requests per month. However, to learn about the pricing of paid plans, you need to reach out to their sales team.

45. ResumeMill

ResumeMill is one of the best resume parser APIs that integrates with your existing ATS software and populates the fields with crucial candidate information. It comes with a multi-stage AI-driven parsing engine that ensures high accuracy, enabling you to make the right decisions. 

Pricing: The ResumeMill API comes with a free trial that you can use to experience the features in action. And the paid version is quite flexible. It’s a pay-as-you-go model wherein you only have to pay for the services you use.

46. JANZZparser

JANZZparser from JANZZ.technology is a multilingual resume or CV parsing software that is fully CCPA/GDPR compliant. It allows you to convert unstructured information on resumes and other documents into structured and readable formats.

JANZZparser supports various formats such as doc, Docx, pdf, HTML, XML, RTF, and CSV and captures 50-plus categories from documents, including specialization, skills, achievements, contact information, etc.

Pricing: To implement and learn about the pricing, you must fill out a contact form.

47. PCL Resume Parsing

The PCL Resume Parsing Software enables recruiters or HRs to parse hundreds of resumes easily, extracting all the information from candidate names and address to work experience, technical proficiency, and whatnot. And all the extracted information is stored in one place, ensuring no duplicate accounts.

Also, the PCL Resume Parsing software allows seamless integration into your existing ATS software, which is another plus.

Pricing: You can contact the team to determine the pricing for this tool.

48. BizMerlinHR

BizMerlinHR offers an automated resume parsing software that extracts and stores useful information in a structured format. Whether there are a few dozen resumes or hundreds of them, you can rely on BizMerlinHR for highly consistent and structured information within seconds.

Pricing: You can try the tool for free. The free version allows you to parse 20 resumes at no cost. And after that, each document costs $0.20.

49. peopleHum 

peopleHum is a people management platform with a chatbot, free ATS, data analytics, and a resume parser streamlining your entire recruitment process. Its resume parser software pulls out all the necessary information and shows you the highlights. You can then review the resumes on your mobile device and provide instant feedback to the candidates.

Pricing: peopleHum is an affordable and feature-rich platform that costs around $2/employee/month.


The CLEARPEAKS resume parsing software uses AI and Machine Learning to parse important information from a resume. You can upload the information in any suitable format and get structured output in return. Also, the tool stores the parsed CVs, making it easier to refer to them when the need arises.

What’s more, you can easily integrate CLEARPEAKS within your system using easy API integration.

Pricing: You need to request a demo to determine the pricing.

51. Phenom AI

Phenom AI is a unique resume parsing software that performs sentence extraction to identify the required skills for a job position. It uses a unique algorithm that picks only the relevant information cutting through the crowd.

Even if there isn’t a resume, Phenom AI allows the candidates to build a profile directly from your site, where the tool is integrated.

Pricing: The company offers no free trial. However, you can book a demo and contact the sales team to learn more about pricing.

How to Select a Resume Parser?

When there are too many options to choose from, it’s natural to get overwhelmed. However, you can still make the right decision. All you have to do is prepare a checklist that includes important factors to consider, such as:

  • Bulk upload available or not
  • Supported formats
  • Overall accuracy
  • Speed of parsing
  • Pricing
  • Customer Support
  • Quality of Structured Data
  • Ease of Integration

Bonus tip: Always choose a solution that provides a demo or a free trial so you can get a hands-on experience before paying and gauge the fit as per your requirement.

Once you have the checklist ready, you can compare the tools based on it. Whichever open-source resume parser or the open-source resume parsing API checks all the pointers is the one you should choose.

For instance, HireLakeAI supports bulk upload in various formats and is accurate, fast, and affordable. It also offers high-quality structured data, comes with useful features such as job description matching, a free trial, and is easy to integrate.


Resume parsing software or APIs are an indispensable solution for recruiters worldwide. And why shouldn’t they be? After all, they help parse hundreds or even thousands of resumes within no time, saving both recruiters and candidates a lot of hassle.

So, what are you waiting for? If you come across hundreds of resumes every other day and want to make the process easy and more streamlined, opt for a resume parsing software or API now!

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